Natural Looking Human Hair: Remy Hair Extensions

1For the all-natural hair style you want, Remy Hair extensions are the best bet. A high quality human hair product and it gives you the all-natural look and feel of being your own hair. The hair is worth the price tag, because true Remy Hair suppliers collect hair in a way that does make it in short supply.

The texture and way its collected adds to its natural appearance. Remy Hair is collected in a uni-lateral cuticle cut with all the follicles going in the same direction. The hair is cut when it is in a pony tail, so the top is at the top and the bottom is at the bottom. The hair retains the texture of being human hair.

Some companies like to sell unprocessed remy hair, which means no coloring or other processes. Remy Hair can be processed. To see if the texture is true Remy, it should feel smooth and silky to the touch. True Remy hair looks like hair that is naturally grown and feels like it is naturally grown.

Not all hair is Remy so beware. Some companies like to coat their hair with products to give it that deceivingly smooth and silky feel without being truly Remy hair. Remy hair takes time and lots of labor to process. If a hair is cheap and says it is Remy, then it is probably not.

Remy hair can be a beautiful extension to anyone’s style. Be cautious about who you purchase your hair from, because truly Remy hair requires a high price tag. That smooth silky feel is worth the money, and these extensions tend to last. You really get what you pay for in hair.