Types Of Remy Hair

Types of remy hair


There are a few types of remy hair. The first type is Indian Remy. This hair is very diverse because it comes in a variety of different textures, it will hold curls and waves very well, and it is soft so it is manageable. This makes it one of the most popular types of Remy that is for sale on the market. Plus all ethic groups are going to be able to wear this Remy.

The second type is Chinese Remy. It is very thick and has a more coarse texture to it so it is a very popular choice from African American women. Since it is going to be heavier than the Indian Remy, it is not going to be as shiny. The texture is going to be nice and smooth, which means that when it is straight, it will have some waves when it gets wet. This means that the hair is going to have a lot of body.

The third type is the Mongolian Remy. This hair is going to feel a lot like hair of a Caucasian because it is light and thin. But it is also going to be very soft and silky. It will have a lot of movement and will lay down when it is straight. This means that it is going to cost you more money to purchase this type of hair.

The fourth type is the Malaysian Remy. This hair is very strong so you are going to be able to wear it straight, curly, or wavy. It is going to look very natural but it will be manageable. It is also preferred by a lot of African American women because it is heavier and more dense than some of the other hair. It is going to be a more expensive hair.