What is Remy Hair ( What’s the hype)!

Beauty has been apart of the world’s culture for centuries. It has been practiced and invented all around the world in different states and countries. Hair has been in the top three without a question.

Around the 1950’s are so, hair extensions became a part for men and women regimen. It was always used for models and celebrities. Back then you could get it done three ways, braided, glued, or sewed in. Also can be in the form of clip-ins and wigs that was worn for decades.

By the late 17th century, the quality of hair has changed to be more of a better texture and more options to work with. Not to mentioned they have different colors and blends. You can get it where it is a mix of human hair and a synthetic blend. The type of hair that most women like to use is the remy hair.

Remy Hair is considered to be one of the highest quality brands that is out there on the market.It mainly comes from India and China. Not only the hair it self is at a good standard, but the way it has been crafted to be more durable and last longing.

Remy hair is human hair ( virgin hair) that has not been altered by any type of chemicals or dyes. In saying that, it can be dyed if you wish. A lot of people find that it’s more flexible and manageable than synthetic hair.

Stylist are able to curl, flat iron, and create more smooth silky styles with less effort. It can come in different textures, wet and wavy, silky straight, and even have a semi-kinky texture to it. The hair itself can last about two years with proper care and maintenance.

There are tons of YouTube videos on this type of hair, where they give their opinions and how they install it.


What is remy hair and is it a good wig material?


If you will be buying a wig for the first time, a remy hair wig is probably one of those that have been recommended to you. Are these type of wigs a good choice, though, and does that type of hair make a good material for a wig? What exactly is remy hair anyway?

What is remy hair? — All the label remy means is that, while it is natural hair, the donor of the hair has colored, bleached, curled or permed her hair in the past. This can sometimes mean the hair is in worse condition than virgin hair, which has never been treated with any chemical, but not always.

Is this a good hair for a wig? — Remy hair wigs tend to be cheaper than those made from virgin hair, as the hair has been chemically treated. It can still be an excellent hair for use on a wig, however, especially if you buy a wig made from Brazilian remy hair, as that is even stronger.

If you are not sure about the quality of one of these wigs, however, it is best to check reviews written by other wig users that have bought them. These are all over the Internet and, in most cases, you will find they were perfectly happy with both the wig and the price.

The look of a remy hair wig — Remy hair tends to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to wig wearing, primarily as it looks so natural.

Wigs made from synthetic hair, while maybe a little bit smoother or shinier, do not usually look completely natural. They are also not usually as durable as a wig made from remy hair, so will probably not be something you can wear for as long.

Why Remy Hair Is Popular

1-39If you want to look your very best Remy hair may be the perfect solution for something that is manageable and stylish. so many women take to having hair that is glowing and luxuries. They also want hair that is going to look very much like their own. They want a natural look. That is why they go with the Virgin Remy hair. It provides a natural look that is easy to manage.

Learning About Remy Hair

What you will essentially fine with the hair extensions that are on the market is that Remy hair is going to cost a bit more than most of the typical hair extensions that are on the market. The reason is that his hair is going to last long. What other styles of hair you may get something that may look good for a week or two, but then you experience I sort of brittle look for the extensions that you have purchased. When you get Remy hair you have a better chance of keeping something that is going to last longer and look better even though you may have paid more for it. It is definitely a getting what you pay for it type of scenario.

Getting Remy Hair Online

The fact that this hair is pricier maybe a big part of the reason that more people are looking for a chance to get this type of hair online. You may find yourself with great deals that involve bundles for this remy hair.

You have to look at all the options that are available when it comes to getting hair extensions. You need to know that this is something to consider as a online purchase because you are going to find it cheaper, and you are going to get much more of it through bundlde specials.

Different Remy Hair and Hairstyles to Boot

1Remy human hair weaves are both comfortable and versatile for any woman looking for jazz up her hairstyle. Not only are they completely made out of real hair, but they are also created in such a way that makes them comfortable and easy to wear. Some versatile and trendy hairstyles that you can rock while wearing a remy hair wig include, an Egyptian wave, a Brazilian curl, and an Indian short bob.

Egyptian Wave

The egyptian wave weave is a perfect blend between curly and a simple wave. It’s a tighter curl than your average wavy hairstyle but loose enough to where it can flow gently and easily down your back. This hairstyle is truly elegant and a great choice for public outings.

Brazilian Curl

The Brazilian curl wig is a great option for those who want a bold yet refined look while also making a statement. Its not too short but also not too long and adds some bounce to your look and a flare of design. With the Brazilian curl you are creating a statement piece with your hair and showing the world what you have to offer in the fashion and style industry.

Indian Short Bob

The Indian short bob is ideal for those who want a mature, short cut hairstyle. The bob is classic and adds a maturity look without taking away the beauty of a stylish hairstyle. Go for the bob if your meeting work colleagues or starting a new job it will make you look professional!

So if you want a stylish yet high quality weave, Remy has the right styles and wig selections for you.

Is a Wig made from Remy Hair the Right Choice for you?

Is a wig made from remy hair the right choice for you?


If you are considering trying a new kind of wig, one made from remy hair may have been suggested to you. After all, these wigs are some of the best quality on the market at the moment.

Is a wig made from remy hair the right choice for you, though, or are there better options out there?

Made from virgin hair — When a remy hair wig says it is made from virgin hair, this means the hair has never been treated with bleaches, dyes, harsh chemicals or perm solutions. It also means it is some of the best quality hair you will ever have in a wig.

Easy to untangle — A wig made from remy hair is also usually easy to untangle, or to keep it tangle-free.

If you have trouble keeping tangles and knots out of the wigs you currently use, then a remy hair wig could be a very good choice for you.

Even length strands — Some of the cheaper, lower quality wigs will tend to have strands that are many different lengths. This can make it difficult to get the style you want without having to have the wig cut and styled professionally.

With a remy hair wig, however, the wig is usually made from even length strands so it is much easier to style it.

Durable wigs — Wigs made from this type of hair also tend to be very durable. So much so, you will be able to comb it more, style it more and wash it more than you can with other wigs that you own, and still have it looking far better than most of your other wigs.

If having a durable, even length, easy to style and high quality wig is something you would like then, yes, a remy hair wig may be the perfect choice for you.

Where To Find The Best Human Hair

9What Are Popular Human Hair Types

Many women are choosing protective hair styles to protect their hair. In fact, they’re using human hair that won’t crate breakage or damage their scalp. Many human hair products that are being advertised contains harsh chemicals that are leaving their scalp feeling perplexed. Their goal has long since been to push synthetic hair care products that are being passed as authentic human hair. Remy hair types are one of the most highest sold hair types being marketed to their clients. They make it possible to choose from several colors and lengths of Remy human hair from many resources.

Where To Buy Remy Hair

Many professional beauticians like to buy their hair in bulk. They’ve been able to decide on remy hair products that can be purchased online. You can buy their products and get them delivered to your business in under a week. You can also buy a single unit at a great price for your hair design style from online. You can visit their website and choose from great hair types with complete online descriptions. Their goal is to make their clients look and feel good with a hair type that resembles their natural hair.

Beware Of Sythentic Products

Unfortunately, many women are using synthetic products that are affecting their hair and causing breakage. They’ve had a problem with chlorine in their products that have also affected their skin. You’re advised to use authentic products that will satisfy your skin type and cause you to feel good about your new hair style. Many women are using hair products that they purchase from a beauty outlet. However, the beauty outlet has a combination of all hair style types that may not be viable for your skin. Ask your local dermatologist how human hair products can affect your skin type.

The Appeal of Remy hair


The Appeal of Remy hair

As the debate about hair extension continues there are far more people that are looking at the best type of human hair that looks like their own. This is where Remy Hair comes into place. There is so much talk about having hair that is going to last, and the Remy Hair tends to stand out because it is natural looking. There are a lot of women that take interest in this when they have extensions that are sewn in because they want something that does not have a lot of tangling. A lot of the cheaper hair on the market will get all matted up and it will not look quite the same after it has been utilized for a little while.

Unprocessed Remy Human Hair

There are a multitude of women that are in search of the unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Remy hair weaves. This hair is going to be more expensive than some of the other Remy hair pieces, but women are interested in this 100% unprocessed Virgin Remy because they know that this type of hair is going to last for a long time. They know that it is going to look good and that it can be styled as easy as their own hair.

Finding the Best Vendor

What most people tend to hesitate about the most is the vendor that they are buying from. There are hundreds of thousands of vendors that are selling this Virgin Remy hair, and people that are buying it want to make sure that they have hair that is not going to tangle. When you are looking to buy Virgin remy hair you may want to buy hair extension pieces before you spend a lot on a bundle. You want to be sure of the quality before you make a bigger purchase.