Remy Hair

REMY HAIR SAMPLE 1Why Buy Remy Hair?

If you plan on receiving a weave, or getting extensions put into your hair, you want the best type of hair available, and choosing remy hair, is a great choice. The hair is made to be soft, as well as tangle free. No one likes a weave that tangles when the wind blows through it, causing a mess in their hair, and Remy hair doesn’t do that. You can easily comb or brush the hair at any time, and it will be soft and tangle free.

How To Style It

Because Remy hair is real human hair, it can be styled any way you’d like. You can even buy pre-styled hair, and many different styles are available. If you prefer to buy straight hair, then you can change the style at will, and the hair will still stay soft, and remain tangle free. When you’re ready to put a curling iron through the hair, it’s no problem, even if you use hairspray for hold. You are never out of style choices with Remy hair.


When buying Remy hair, you can expect to pay around $100 for a single weave, depending on what type of hairstyle you’re looking for. You can pay less for the hairstyle, depending on several factors. The hair is worth any money that is paid for it, as it lasts for as long as you wear it, and it will never tangle. Most women who wear weaves, complain about tangling hair, and that will never be an issue with Remy hair. When you’re getting a weave, choose the best hair, choose Remy hair.