Remy Hair


What is Remy Hair?
Remy hair is natural human hair that has been collected and then used to create lace front wigs, wigs, closure pieces and hair extensions. Typically Remy hair -or sometimes called Remi hair, virgin hair, cuticle hair or cut hair- is usually made from European, Malayasian, Russian and Indian hair because these types of hair are naturally soft and silky without the use of being processed too much with treatment chemicals. It’s also not usual for Remy hair to be processed much at all as they are high end hair pieces.

How much does Remy Hair cost?
Remy hair costs anywhere from thiry dollar to a hundred dollars, and sometimes even more than that. A big part of it is the quality of the hair that determines the cost, although even the least expensive remy hair is better quality than fake hair since it is real. Indian Remy hair is usually the more expensive of the types of Remy hair because Indian hair is very sleek, shiny and soft naturally.

What colors does Remy Hair come in?
Remy hair comes in all sorts of natural and even some unnatural hair colors. Black, browns, shades of red and various blonde hues are all available in Remy hair pieces. You can technically also get any Remy hair extensions and wigs in every color of the rainbow if you want to. However the unnaturally colored Remy hair is treated with more chemicals than the naturally colored Remy hair so it may not be as high quality as the natural colors for Remy hair. If you are in the market for some wigs and extensions definitely consider choosing Remy hair.