Why Remy Hair May Be The Best

1You have probably heard of the term “remy hair” while experimenting and doing research on your own hair journey. Made from human hair, remy has many qualities not found in other hair extensions, pieces, and wigs. So what makes it so special and why is it preferred?

The Difference is in the Cut

Remy hair, unlike other human hair extensions, is collected in the direction it grows meaning it is often cut end to end maintaining the natural cuticle pattern. By cutting the hair in this way, remy hair is often easiest to untangle and care for compared to non-remy hair brands and lasts longer. That is why it is often the most sought after type of extension.

Is Remy Hair Unprocessed?

In order to maintain the natural growth pattern of human hair extensions, most hair is processed at least a little. Remy is one of the types that is least processed with some virgin brands claiming to be 100 percent unprocessed. To the touch, remy has a silky and natural feeling- perfect for everyday wear and styling. Typical human hair, often found on wigs, is dipped and processed in silicone making it shiny. As it is washed and worn, it increasingly loses its shine and becomes dull, unlike remy hair which maintains its natural state from 3-6 months or so.

Why Remy?

Remy is the best for sew-in and clip-on styles. The look and feel of the hair makes it appear more natural, making it a beautiful addition for anyone looking to change or complete their look.