Why Remy Hair Is In Such High Demand

1Although there are a number options in human hair extensions that shoppers can choose from, Remy hair extensions continue to be the most popular choice. These extensions contain the full hair follicle and this is kept completely intact. Every strand is also properly organized and ordered so that they are all facing the same way. This allows for a smoother and more attractive look overall.

Remy Hair Can Stand Up To Heat And Sun Exposure

Synthetic hair often looks matted and doll-like after a very short period of use. Ladies who care about their appearance are therefore willing to pay a bit more for quality, human hair. Human hair looks better, feels better and invariably lasts a lot longer. Unfortunately, however, without the hair follicle, many human hair products can start showing signs of wear and tear after only a very nominal amount of use and styling.

Remy hair can stand up to sunshine and heat. It will not start to look dull, faded or dry even if women are regularly using styling equipment such as curling irons, flat irons and crimping irons to create the looks that they want. In this way, Remy hair provides far greater value overall. Although the upfront cost of Remy hair is significantly higher than that of standard, human hair brands, women will not need to replace these extensions as often and they can get far superior results overall.

Dyeing Remy Hair

It is also possible to color remy hair in order to give it an all new look. Given that the hair cuticles are still present and intact, women can treat these extensions much like they treat their own tresses. Thus, these products are far more versatile than most other options in human hair.


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